Well, hello there!

Welcome, thanks for coming. My name is Hannah and I’m a kickass copywriter here to turn your brand into something worth talking about. It’s no secret that to stand out, you’ve got to do things differently, and that’s what I’m all about.

Looking for vanilla copywriting and inside-the-lines ideas? There’s the door. You want to blow your customers (and competitors) out of the water? Now you’re talking my language.

Hannah was great to have on board in a freelance capacity during the busiest time of the year. I admired her ability to understand briefs clearly and turn them around with little to no edits required. The clients loved her work and commented on her understanding of the tone of voice and role that the content brought to the website/ blog.

While only with us for three months, Hannah made quite an impression on our teams nationally, with her work being shared as best practice. We’d love to work with her again should the need arise with the assurance that our product will be in very capable hands!

Divya Voleti, iProspect

“Hannah is such a pleasure to work with; speedy, efficient and original. I’ve had a couple of occasions where I’ve needed articles written up pretty quickly, and Hannah has always picked them up, written them, and returned them within a few days (with minimal edits too – an editor’s dream!). She’s a gun :)”

Emily Kratzmann, Intrepid