Strategy + Consulting

Do you need a digital content strategy that’ll kick butts and take names? Do you have some ideas, but can’t get them in order? Does your business need a gentle nudge when it comes to creative strategy? Well, I’m your girl.

Price range: $85/hour consult OR bulk project fee (TBA)

Copywriting + Blogging

Content creation for print publications, websites, bespoke brochures, EDMs, books, social media and more. Not to mention on-point blog content for your company website. Whatever your content needs, I’ve got the words to meet your brief.

Price range: $0.80/word for <400 words; bulk project fee for 2-10 pages ($600-$3000) and 10+ pages (TBA)

Editing + Ghostwriting

Already have the words and ideas, but find yourself doubting your editing prowess? Whether it’s a brain dump that needs turning into great content, or an article/book/website that needs some eagle-eyed editing, rest assured I’ll deliver the goods (and make you look good too)!

Price range: $150/400 words for editing; $100/200 words for ghostwriting

EDM Assistance

Keen to explore the world of digital newsletters or give your subscribers something to talk about? I’ll provide support with strategy and cracking on-theme content.

Price range: $160/campaign OR bulk project fee for ongoing support/content (TBA)


Let me know what you need and I’ll get back to you with a quote: