These works are an example of my unique voice and style that I’ve cultivated throughout my writing career.

Companies and publications where my work has appeared include Travel Weekly, B&T Magazine, Intrepid Travel, Luxury Travel Magazine, the South Africa Tourism annual marketing magazine, retail Christmas guides, cadabbra product descriptions, Flowers Across Melbourne, and more.

Recent Copywriting Work

Flowers Across Melbourne

With a need for new category names and product descriptions for a suite of florals and gifts, I worked with FAM to create a fresh tone of voice and playful energy across the site. I provided 50 quirky product names and descriptions, plus snazzy new categories for their B2C website, all in under a week.

cadabbra website

As the self-described ‘Net-a-Porter’ of interior design, I helped write up engaging and unique company bios for an extensive list of cadabbra’s clients, as found in their directory.

cadabbra product Christmas guide

An impressive suite of their client’s products grouped into quirky categories for every gift-giver at Christmas.

Sri Lanka Festival website content

Commissioned by The Misfits Media Company and their events team, I created content specific for their client – Sri Lanka Tourism – and the tourism festival they were hosting in Australia in 2017.

Merton Muaremi Make-Up Brush Collection

Working with professional make-up artist, Merton Muaremi, I wrote a suite of content including brush product descriptions, overviews, and care & maintenance copy to market his collection to aspiring and experienced make-up artists alike.

Travel Weekly

The First Timer’s Guide to Indochina

Cambodia and Vietnam are an ideal pairing for a trip on a shoestring. Here’s how to see these countries without breaking the bank.

Ultimate Overwater Bungalows

If there is one image that represents forget-it-all holiday bliss, it would have to be an overwater bungalow. Hannah Edensor profiles seven dream Tahiti boltholes.

Apartment Match-Making

Looking to pair your client with their ideal apartment accommodation? Hannah Edensor finds the perfect fit for three common customers.

The Age of the Instafluencer

In a world where we like our food fast and our wanderlust sated, Instagrammers are disrupting travel in a way traditional marking can’t. An original native for Travel Counsellors bespoke magazine supplement.

South African Tourism Supplement

In this 28-page mini magazine, Hannah Edensor explores the vast and exceptional destinations of South Africa through the lens of the ‘safari’ theme. 

Travel Weekly Discover Section

Travel Weekly’s primary content marketing platform is known as Discover, in which five articles are created and presented on the homepage. For the past three years, the majority of these campaigns have been written and delivered by myself. Some specific examples include: 

Criteo | Travel Agents do not impact travel decisions

 The aim of this campaign was to encourage readers to download the free report, through offering interpretations of the report relevant to agents. 

Lufthansa | The best kept airline secret in the business

The Lufthansa Group wanted to communicate with agents their extensive route network in a creative and engaging way through bespoke native content. It remains one of the most read articles on the Travel Weekly website to date.

Excite Holidays | Travel Agent health check

 Part of the campaign was to promote the brand and focus of Excite Holidays to travel agent readers, which we did through these articles.

Why Cheap Airlines Don’t Mean Crap Service

As part of Scoot’ native brief, the aim was to communicate the perks of travelling via a Low Cost Carrier, and dispel the myth that LCCs = crap experience.

Quiz: What’s Your Agent Style

An Amadeus native article, aimed at showcasing the benefits of their new technology for every kind of agent.

What Kind of Traveller Are You?

Air Canada’s native article which helped sell the destination, and in turn kept the Air Canada brand front of mind.

Mobile VS In-Store: Which Agent Model is Best?

A native piece for MTA – Mobile Travel Agents, in which the brief was to promote recruitment efforts of the mobile-based travel agency, even pinching brick-and-mortar-based agents to the other side.

Intrepid Travel


Finding the Unfamiliar in America’s Heartland

What It’s Like to Travel Through Mexico as a Solo Female

5 Essential Spots You Need to Visit in Phnom Penh

What’s the Most Important Trait A Traveller Can Have? This.

What to Expect at a Cambodian Homestay

Winter in Canada: 10 Essential Outdoor Activities

8 Incredible Animals You‘ll Find in Canada

Why Every Wildlife Lover Should Go Sailing on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula

Your Go-To Guide to Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan

Why Guatemala is my Favourite Central American Country

B&T Magazine

Create or Curate: And Why It’s The Million Dollar Question

As any media outlet will tell you, good creative ideas can be costly cake to bake. That’s where curation – blogs, wires, reader feedback, even out-and-out theft – is providing the more tasty option.

Calling Bullshit On Travel Ambassadors

Former Travel Weekly hack and now B&T journo, Hannah Edensor, is clearly no fan of very famous people being paid very big bucks to be the face of over-priced holiday destinations.

Educated Fool

Can’t find a good graduate with a degree and a clue? You’re not alone. The industry is in a state of flux, savvy talent is hard to find, and yet universities are taking years just to update a course. So what’s the solution?

Hey, Brands That Fight With Each Other – We’re Bored!

It might all be in jest, but B&T’s Hannah Edensor has had it up to here (gestures to neck) with brands battering each other in ads.

B&T Magazine – Digital

How ALDI And IGA Are Serving It Up To The ‘Big Two’ With Their Advertising

The Secrets To Picking A Winning Magazine Cover

Banner Ads Are Dying And Native Is The Future: Junkee Media CEO

“There Is Nothing Better Than Starting A Magazine From Scratch”: Ita Buttrose

Eleven Secrets To Success According To Sir Richard Branson

“Brands Still Need To Anchor Themselves In One Platform”: Noma COO

“Faced With A Choice Between Red Or Blue, Most Brands Choose Grey”: Creative Guru Jim Bull

Marina Go Reveals What Could Be The Death Of Print

Audiences Are Still Loyal To Brands That Consistently Deliver: Pedestrian.TV Co-Founder

Study: 82% Of Food Magazine Readers Are Influenced By The Content (Ads Included!) – native article

Is It Possible To Change Someone’s Mind With Marketing? Ogilvy PR Chairman

“People Don’t Like To Pay For Ideas”: Creative Director of Emerystudio



“Don’t Buy Any Of The Bullsh*T Being Sold To You”: Xero CMO Andy Lark

Australian Media Will Have To Scrap Hard For Ad Dollars: Morgan Stanley

New Report Claims YouTube Beats TV When It Comes To Reaching Younger Crowds

Luxury Travel Magazine


The Sweet Spot

A contribution to a magazine feature on the seasonal “sweet spot” to visit global destinations. My segment covered Mexico, with the feature now available online.

Your Friends House

My Mum Is Dying Of Cancer

A recollection of the day my mum discovered she had cancer, and dealing with the grips the disease has over a family.

The Belongings Of A Lost Life

Six months after my previous article, I penned this about my mother’s death when I was 21, and the feelings that engulfed me as I sifted through her stuff.

The Bull, University of Sydney

Pretty In Ink

An exploration of the stigma around tattoos, and how people in different professions manage their love of ink.

Time Heals All Wounds

A reflection on how time affects the grief associated with losing a parent, including interviews with friends who’ve experienced the same kind of loss.

Social Sex At Sydney

Hannah Edensor looks at ‘hook-up’ culture at the University of Sydney and why we shouldn’t feel ashamed of it.